2019 'Lineage' Barossa Valley Mataro Rose 2019 'Lineage' Barossa Valley Mataro Rose

2023 'Lineage' Barossa Valley Mataro Rose

The Seabrook family has been entrenched in the Australian wine industry for generations, and our ‘Lineage’ range pays homage to this unbroken line of Seabrook’s – connecting our bloodline from the past, the present, and the future.



This 2023 Lineage Rosé is an enticing wine, with lovely aromas of fresh strawberries and delicate white flowers, and hints of watermelon and crunchy apples. Delicious flavours of strawberries and cream follow through on the palate, and a soft texture and subtle acidity give a lovely fullness to the wine.

The growing season commenced with above average winter rainfall filling soil profiles, however the spring and summer months rainfall were well below average and temperatures quite elevated causing some sunburn especially on sandy soils where soil moisture was well below ideal. Crop levels were on average well down, and in some varieties as much as 50% due to the warmer drier summer and drying out of the soil profiles. Mataro benefited from the ideal spring growing conditions and dry summer period with amazing colour intensity, depth, flavour and plush mouthfeel, all hall marks of this great vintage. In summary, the 2021/22 vintage is proving to be a very good to exceptional year for both the Barossa Valley. A year where the reds, White and Rose show great promise and look to have ability to be enjoyed young but also potential to be quite age worthy.

This Mataro is from our Home Block vineyard, grown on the eastern ridge of the Barossa Valley. The rows are orientated north south and the vineyard captures most of the afternoon sun. The shallow soils consist of innocuous clay and loams over white non-reactive clays. This coupled with the orientation and aspect allow perfect conditions for early ripening. The small berry size and the low cropping levels provide much of the concentration needed for the blend. The Home block is planted to 30-year-old own roots. The clone is unknown but believed to be of an original Barossa clone. The Mataro is spur pruned and vertically positioned and has consistently produced amazing wines.

Tasting Notes