Squid & Watermelon Salad Paired with The 2020 'Lineage' Barossa Valley Mataro Rose

Squid & Watermelon Salad is the latest recipe to grace the table of AnotherFoodBloggers home.

I wont lie, this dish does not take much time at all once you have prepped the salad. I promise you if you are looking for a summer classic to add to your collection of dishes for a hot summer day this is it. perfectly cooked squid and watermelon pairs perfectly with the Seabrook 'Lineage' Mataro Rose, it's a match made in heaven!

By Another Food Blogger

Serves 4


Watermelon x 12 index finger sized pieces

Squid tubes x 3

Lime juice x 1 tbsp

Mint x handful

Coriander x 2 tbsp chopped & handful for salad

Red chilli x 1- chopped finely

Pickled ginger x 3 tbsp

Crispy shallots x 3 tbsp

Olive oil x 2 tbsp



Lime juice x 1 tbsp

Olive oil x 2 tbsp

White wine vinegar x splash

Spring onion x 1 – diced finely

Red chili x 1 – chopped finely

Salt x pinch


1.      Mix the chili with olive oil, chopped coriander, lime juice & a pinch of salt – set aside

2.      Cut the squid tubes into the following shapes/sizes

a.      1 tube into rings

b.      1 tube in half lengthways to open it out and in half lengthways again. Then cut each half into 4 pieces width ways

c.      1 tube in half lengthways to open it out and then into 4 equal sized pieces

3.      Slice the pieces that you opened out in a criss cross pattern (on the inside of the squid), being v gentle so as not to cut through to the other side.

4.      Marinate squid in chilli/oil mixture for 10 – 30 minutes

5.      Meanwhile, prepare the dressing by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl

6.      Grill squid in a grill pan for 90 seconds, flip and cook for a further 60 seconds




1.      Place 3 pieces of watermelon “artfully” onto the plate

2.      Toss cooked squid with crispy shallots, pickled ginger, coriander & mint and place around the watermelon

3.      Drizzle the dressing over the top and enjoy!

Essential Tools

·      Chef knives

·      Chopping board

·      Grill pan

·      Mixing bowl x 2

·      Tongs

·      Measuring/weighing utensils


·      Don’t marinade the squid for too long as the acid in the lime juice will start to cook it and make it tougher when you grill it

·      Squid cooks VERY quickly so make sure everything else is ready to serve so you don’t overcook the squid