Mushroom & Pork Dumpling paired with 'The Broker' Barossa Valley Grenache

This winter-inspired Mushroom & Pork Dumplings dish is the latest recipe to grace the table of AnotherFoodBloggers home.

I won't lie, this dish does not take much time at all once you have prepped the Dumplings. I promise you, if you are looking for a Winter classic to add to your collection of dishes that will warm you up from the inside, this is it. perfectly cooked Mushroom & Pork Dumpling are delicious & pair perfectly with the Seabrook 'The Broker' Barossa Valley Grenache, it's a match made in heaven!

By Another Food Blogger

Makes 30 Dumplings


Dumpling wrappers x 30

Pork mince x 350g

Shiitake mushrooms x 100g

Savoy cabbage x 50g

Ginger x 1 tsp

Kecap manis x 1 tbsp

Sesame oil x 1 tsp


Szechuan chilli oil x 6 tbsp

Spring onion x 1

Kecap manis x 2 tbsp

Garlic x 1 tsp

Ginger x 1 tsp

Chinese black vinegar x 1 tbsp


Bowl of water



1.      Slice the spring onion finely

2.      Mix all ingredients together and set aside in the fridge


1.      Blend the cabbage & shiitake mushrooms together

2.      Mix the mushroom mixture with pork, sesame, kecap & ginger

3.      Holding the dumpling in your hand place 1 tbsp of pork mixture into center of the dumpling

4.      Using your finger wipe the top half of the dumpling wrapper with a little water

5.      Fold the dumpling wrapper in half to form a semi-circle, pinching it at the top

6.      You can either just pinch all the way round pushing the air out and sealing the wrappers edges or see step 7

7.      To add 2 folds/pleats to each side of your dumpling you need to crimp/fold one side of the wrapper back towards the center to make a pleat. Repeat this with the other side until you have 2 identical pleats.

8.      Next, make another pleat next to the first ones a little closer to the edge of the wrapper (see pics)

Cooking The Dumplings

1.      You can simply boil the dumplings for 2-3 minutes. Do this by adding them to boiling water. Once the water is boiling after adding the dumplings pour in ½ cup of cold water and allow the water to boil again. Once boiling add another ½ cup of cold water. Repeat once more and your dumplings will be ready

2.      Remove and toss in the sauce


1.      On medium heat add 1 tbsp oil to a non-stick pan. 

2.      Place the dumplings (flat side down) into the oil and cook for 2 minutes. I usually cook 5-7 at a time for 1 portion

3.      Add ¼ cup of water to the pan and cover with a lid – be careful as the oil/water will spit

4.      Cook for 5 minutes covered, adding more water if necessary

5.    Remove to a bowl and drizzle with some sauce

Essential Tools

·      Chef knives

·      Chopping board

·      Mixing bowl

·      Blender

·      Frying pan w/ lid

·      Measuring/weighing utensils


·      Dumplings wont last long in the fridge as the wrapper will go soggy so if you aren’t using them within a couple hours place them on a baking tray and into the freezer. Once frozen you can put them in a ziplock bag

·      When cooking dumplings from the frozen. Separate them onto a baking tray and allow to defrost for about 10 minutes (enough time to make a dipping sauce), follow the instructions above but allow to steam for about 7 minutes to ensure fully cooked

·      BE CAREFUL when adding the water as your pan will spit so be quick with the lid